Thirty-three snowmen better and sexier than yours!!

Ho, ho, ho!! We are sexy and we know it! :)))

That is what fascinating snowmen would say if they spoke. Remember the times that you foray to find the gifts under the Christmas tree? Or what about the the times that you found out that Santa is a liar son of a bitch who send your dad to buy you gift?

Good, your snowman was there. All the time. Every winter holiday of your life. Your snowman!

Let me guess yours was the sexiest one. The best one! You know how to make a snowman. It’s izzy pizzy! You are a pro! You know everything about them.

Well, you know nothing about snowmen! Take a look.

1. Sexier than yours, isn’t it?

2. How cute this one can be?

3. The snowman next door

4. Oooups!

5. Break the light, swallow the sun, the spell has already begun.

6. Spit it! Spit my son out, you idiot!!

7. Yoy! What a piece of art! :)))

8. Dude, you want to race?

9. I`ll play goddamn PUBG, mom! No matter what!

10. What an alcoholic ass!

11. That`s it!

12. Right! That’s you and your friend!

13. Criminal minds:))

14. Take care of kids, I’m dying…

15. Ahaha!! Well done!

16. What a sexy ass:))

17. Wow! Creative!

18. Snowcar 😉

19. 521 followers! 522…523…

20. It’s winter again!! Yaaay!

21. Boah!

22. To be, or not to be…

23. Would you stop if I show you my sexy branch?

24. Daddy, you are so strong 🙂

25. Kill’em all!!

26. If you have lost the bet with your brother!

27. Snoopy

28. Help?!

29. The lady with the squirrel 🙂

30. Hmm, a musician!

31. Your nerd friend

32. Come on that’s good, too.

33. Rock’n Roll snowman!

Now, if yours is better show me :p I wish you happy holidays, guys.

Merry Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Thirty-three snowmen better and sexier than yours!!

  1. Think I would need it too snow here first for me to compete with these never mind mine would have been the best for sure Izzy pizzy!


  2. Lots of creative energy going into those snow-people. Maybe if we get enough snow here I will fortify my creative spark with some whiskey and attempt one myself!


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