Who am I?

Who am I? No problem, I`ll tell you, izzy pizzy!

I`m the key. Izabell Key. I`m a fiction novel writer and a screenwriter. The author of the Shadow Ballet  book series; (1)Betrayal  and (2)The Beginning of the End.  Now, I can hear you saying, “Who the hell are you? I have never heard about those books.” Well, that is probably my  fault…

I might…  have not published them, yet! 

But, no problem! We publish them, izzy pizzy! And when I do, you will be the first to know. I promise. And one more thing. You can call me Izzy. Oh, now it clicked:)))

You don`t know me, but I might know you better than you think. I am not a witch, but only a writer. You are one of my characters I created. My stories are a mirror leading me in different points of your life. Maybe when you have been madly in love, maybe when you have failed and ended up crashing down. Maybe when you have got so blind for power enough not to realize you paid dearly for that and lost loved ones. Or maybe when you have been drowning in your loneliness. It might be even when you have fought with your suicidal thoughts that crept into the edge of your mind. Who knows, maybe when you have lost yourself in the sense of joy,  finally fulfilling your dream.

Yes, I know you, and you have many dusty letters somewhere inside a wooden box. A locked wooden box. So I told you at the beginning, I`m the key.

A sense of happiness enfolds me for I write for you, my friends. I hope you will share the same feeling, reading my posts and my books.

I breathe to write, hopefully, you will breathe to read.  


Oh… wow… I am back!

Hey, guys. You, probably, forgot about me. Even if you didn’t, you were just about to. I know, I know. It is my fault, but I have a good reason for that. I FINISHED MY BOOK!

And it was not izzy pizzy! The Shadow Ballet- Betrayal is on its way to meet you soon. I can not wait to share it with you, cupcakes. I missed to write it. Cupcakes… cupcakes… cupcakes… CUPCAKES!!!

I can`t help sharing at least my book’s cover with you.

They say when you finish your book you have to stop and go to a party (you antisocial scum writer!) Okay. Considering I have never stopped from partying, I say there is no way of celebration but writing – a great post for you tonight. I will go to have a smoke now. Wait for me. I feel the inspiration. A short story will come out tonight for you, and I will post as soon as I can. Kisses, cupcakes 🙂 :*

Thirty-three snowmen better and sexier than yours!!

Ho, ho, ho!! We are sexy and we know it! :)))

That is what fascinating snowmen would say if they spoke. Remember the times that you foray to find the gifts under the Christmas tree? Or what about the the times that you found out that Santa is a liar son of a bitch who send your dad to buy you gift?

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Why do we love it hard?

Huh, I caught you! I didn`t say anything! You are the pervy ones.

I was just thinking about how hard we do everything, and how hard we make our lives be. We always go for the hardest.  I guess we love hard stuff. 

What am I expecting?

We born in the hardest way ever.  You shit in your pants, and who the hell knows how hard it is when your first tooth comes into the picture. Gases, and ohh…

You drive your mom  crazy, because you are a pain in the ass, crying all day and night, just because you can`t speak. Think! How hard it is!
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