Who am I?

balerin-1Who am I? No problem. I`ll tell you. Izzy pizzy!

I am the key. Izabell Key. I am a fiction novel writer and a screenwriter. The author of the Shadow Ballet book series; (1)Betrayal and (2)The Beginning of the End. Now, I can hear you saying, “Who the hell are you? I have never heard of those books.” Well, that is probably my fault…

I might… have just published them! Actually, one of them 😀

So, I am new at that, but no problem! We will publish more. Izzy pizzy! And when I do, you will be the first to know. I promise, and one more thing; you can call me Izzy. Oh, now it clicked :)))

You don`t know me, but I might know you better than you think. I am not a witch, but only a writer. You are one of the characters I created. My stories are a mirror leading me to different points of your life. Maybe when you have been madly in love, maybe when you have failed and ended up crashing down. Maybe when you have got so blind for power enough not to realize you paid dearly for that and lost loved ones. Or maybe when you have been drowning in your loneliness. It might be even when you have fought with your suicidal thoughts that crept into the edge of your mind. Who knows, maybe when you have lost yourself in the sense of joy, finally fulfilling your dream.

Yes, I know you, and you have many dusty letters somewhere inside a wooden box. A locked wooden box. So, I told you at the beginning, I`m the key.

A sense of happiness enfolds me when I write to you, my friends. I hope you will share the same feeling, reading my posts and my books.

I breathe to write. Hopefully, you will breathe to read.  

SHADOW BALLET II Coming soon, fellows! The Beginning of the End. Fingers crossed!!💝 👑😎🍬🐿️🐿️🐿️

Stop caring of people who don’t deserve you. You never know what you miss.

Give up on expecting. It’s time.

The Queen’s Gambit: A story of pure passion Review-Netflix

Holaaa, guapos! I know I did not post every month how I promise. Forgive me for this. It should be the TV show of the month, right? But izzy pizzy, I can make up! Because now, I coming with the TV show of the year!

The Queen’s Gambit.

This queen blew my mind from the first moment I saw her.

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The mistake


Chasing you all around


I want to taste your blood

Oh my gosh!— Sex Education review- Netflix!

Well if you are in quarantine, going crazy because you are f***ing bored, then, you should watch Sex Education.👌😜

Undiscussable, it is one of the best series I have ever seen! So light, funny and heartily but so serious at the same time. Believe me, it is a roller coaster of fun, sadness and real life but so so nice and brilliantly made.

Everything about this show is great! The vibrant acting, the story narrative, the gorgeous cinematography, the great characters, the relationships between characters.

Meet Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), the socially awkward main character. He is a cute, inexperienced teenager, and his mother is a sex therapist, which make his life more awkward, and it gives us a great comedy.

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Don`t leave me alone